One destination that is every person’s lifetime dream is the beautiful city of Sydney. Some people may think that you need a lot of cash to enjoy the best of Sydney, however, it is not true and a tight budget of $1500 can give you unlimited fun for three days. Here is what you can do for three days with the $1500.

Hotels and Meals
It is important that you find a good place to stay at for the period you are in Sydney. Set aside about $500 for the accommodation and meals which may not be part of the activities you take part in. There are a number of affordable accommodation facilities available that will suit your budget. Now you are left with $1000 and this cash is what will cater for the following.

Sydney City and Manly Ferry

Day 1
Sydney Bridge Sunrise Watching
Climb the bridge up to its 440 feet above sea level and watch the beautiful sun rising above the horizon. This activity makes the perfect start for your 3 days of adventures. Guided climbs with safety gear are available for quite a reasonable fee.

Sydney Opera House Guided Walk
Spend part of the day on this tour that costs less than $50 and make memories in the world famous Opera house. This architectural masterpiece is the symbol of Sydney. The tour takes one hour so that you get time to go relax later on.

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise
Nothing will complete the day better than an amazing Sydney Harbour Dinner cruise where you get to enjoy the ultimate dining at just a little over $100. The food, wine and services on the cruise will give you the experience of a lifetime. You can sip from your wine glass as you watch the beautiful city from a distance on the luxury cruise. There are options where drinks are unlimited (a little more expensive) so you can drink as much as you want.

Hyde Park From Sydney Tower

Day 2
Sydney Day Tour
There are packages that allow you to go on a discovery journey of Sydney all day long at just a little bit over $100. It comes with an optional Sydney harbour Lunch cruise. Get to understand what makes Sydney a favourite tourist destination. It is a packed day with several sites to visit and a number of activities to do. From the historical sites to the rich cultural heritage, the number of places you will visit will satisfy your curiosity.
At the end of the day tour you may be too tired to take part in any other activity and therefore going for a really sumptuous meal and wine can be a good way to relax. Choose from a variety of restaurants and get to enjoy amazing wine from the Hunter Valley and delicacies that the best chefs put together. Make sure your spending on this evening is within your budget to avoid getting stranded when you run out of money.

Day 3
Being your last day, you will have to finish with a bang! You can schedule the activities so that they flow smoothly throughout the day.
The Famous Bondi Beach
You are never ready to leave Sydney until you have a good time at Bondi beach. There are several things you can do from walking and breathing in the beautiful air to swimming. Surfing is also common on this beach and so you can enrol for a surfing class and enjoy the thrill. You can just sunbathe or relax to cool off.

Sydney Opera House and Darling Harbour

With the money that remains after all activities for the day are budgeted for, you can visit various markets and purchase things that will always remind you of your travel. Getting a couple of souvenirs is essential for every trip.

Sydney Harbour Sunset Dinner
On the last evening, nothing will capture your heart like a scenic sunset dinner cruise. Served with the best wine, the fine dining on the cruise will seal your memories of Sydney forever. You will spend about $100 on this but it will be worth it. Feel the gentle breeze of the evening as you enjoy your dinner on the cruise.

There are so many things you can do with $1500 in three days when in Sydney. The most important ones are listed above although you can do more activities with a more scrupulous budget. Don’t forget to budget for travel such as taxi fares or the train in order to get around!