The beauty of Sydney is renowned worldwide and is taken to the next level during festivities. You may however miss to indulge in the breathtaking events despite living right in the heart of the city because of busy schedules. There are many events that you can enjoy all year round but the following are the most famous ones whose memories you will cherish forever when you attend.

1.Sydney Royal Easter Show

Celebrated annually since 1823, this event between the 6th to 19th April brings together more than 80 000 people to enjoy the Australian culture and a range of activities for all the family. You can get to see agricultural competitions, and experience animals and entertainment that will leave you refreshed. You can spare a day out of the 14 days and enjoy an amazing social experience with family and friends. When you step into this festival, everything changes from the busy city to a world radiating with both traditional and modern Australian culture.

2.Vivid Sydney- Light, Music and Ideas

No event depicts Sydney better than this one scheduled for 26th May to 17th June. This outdoor event is celebrated annually where you get to gaze at an outdoor gallery of incredible lighting sculptors, enjoy beautiful multi-genre music and light art. The moment that every attendee always waits for is the illumination of the Sydney Opera house sails, the symbol of Sydney. The entertainment level during this festival may be all you need to deal with the burn out and exhaustion at your job.

3.Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair

This 33-year old annual festival will on 9th July bring the city to life as tens of thousands of people from over 30 communities assemble to delve into traditional cultural performances, food and entertainment. You may want to mark this date on your calendar because of the intensity the festival has. Thrill rides and a range of other activities will make your day perfect during this festival and fare. Get wowed by performers and over 100 stalls that will make you feel glad that you were part of the event.

4.Food Festivals

Your daily routines may deny you the chance to enjoy a delicious meal but luckily the food festivals will meet your taste needs to last you through the other days. The Bankstown Bites Food festival that is scheduled for 29th July is one major festival where you can join over ten thousand people in sampling the best meals. You can opt for the Italian Wine and Food Festival on 27th August where great Italian delicacies like street style pizza will make your day. The October Good Food Month festival which is the largest food festival sums up the food spree for food lovers.

5.MindBodySpirit Festival

Sometimes you may focus so much on work that you forget to take care of your well being. The MindBodySpirit festival from 26th to 29th October is the place to be for natural therapies, health and wellbeing. Entry is free and you will have access to over 200 exhibitors who will offer help to you through free seminars and other activities. It is often your level of inner peace that determines how you relate to people, perform at work and feel about yourself and so this festival may be all you need to get that change in life.

6.Christmas Day Lunch Cruises

It may be time to change the Christmas routine and do something worth remembering for you and your family. Delight in the sun and sights from an open observation deck during this cruise on 25th December. There are three restaurant decks to choose from and whether you are a single, couple or family, you will find the perfect place to enjoy the day.

7.Sydney New Years Eve

It is not just the residents of Sydney who wait for this event judging from over 1.5 million spectators, but the world too awaits it eagerly with over one billion viewers tuned in to watch the midnight fireworks and lighting over Sydney. You may have to book early and enjoy entertainment right from 5pm till the start of the New Year.

You may be living right in the heart of Sydney but fail to experience the best of what it can offer; only hearing it over the news. The above events will help you experience the city in a new way making your life amazing. The trick is to put up reminders for the events you would want to attend so that you don’t miss them despite your busy lifestyle.