What outdoor and adventure activities can I enjoy in Sydney?

Sydney is the epitome of Australia’s city life and almost a dream painted in glass and steel. The cityscape is modern and fresh and hides within it a whole lot of fun activities. Moreover, the city is sandwiched between tranquil national forests on one side and jovial beachside on the other. There is so much to discover here; from its global food scene to amazing architecture to its vibrant passion for arts and culture. It also has a seductive surrounding that can be planned within a short notice. Here are some of the things you can do to enjoy the experience that is Sydney.

City life of Sydney

The city of Sydney evolved from the British presence and you can still find some parts of the city soaked in a bygone essence of history. From British era cobblestone footpaths to restaurants serving proper English Breakfasts, Sydney doesn’t forget its past. The most historic avenue is George Street and you definitely need some time absorbing its colonial vibe. To explore its past in all its richness, you have to explore the city on foot and discover some of its architectural wonders, ranging from impressive Victorian structures like The Australian Museum, the Queen Victoria Building, Customs House, the General Post Office along with neo-Gothic styles like Elizabeth Bay House by John Verge and the Camden Park Estate.

One extraordinary piece of architecture is the UNESCO World Heritage tagged, Hyde Park Barracks, which is now a well-maintained museum. Also, take a weekend trip to The Rocks, a lively marketplace that has history oozing out of its every corner. If you are interested in taking a look at the modern beauty of Sydney, scale up the 309m Sydney Tower and enjoy the beauty of the city from above. Another way to view the city like a bird is to get atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Exploring the city on foot is also a great way to come across the city’s passion for arts and opera. You can also take a small trip to the city’s quintessential China Town and gorge on authentic Asian cuisine. Darling Harbour is an airy place to catch some outdoor fun. You will find the Royal Botanic Gardens, which isolates you from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a great place for long refreshing walks amidst native and international flowers and has a Jurassic Jungle for kids. Kids can also spend some fun time at Luna Park, which even adults love to its very core. Darling Harbour is also home to the Australian National Maritime Museum, a place dedicated to maritime pursuits.

Three Sisters Blue Mountains

The Natural side of Sydney

The Blue Mountains National Park is a paradise on earth that has a humbling effect on most visitors. The one hour drive from the city to get there has many points of attraction and is listed as a World Heritage Site. The National Park has a forest filled with eucalyptus trees, which gives off a fragrant mist of oil. The forests give way to the beautiful Megalong Valley, which is a picturesque place for bushwalks and camping. You can also watch the eternal beauty of the Three Sisters rock formation at Katoomba, from any outpost in the forests. You will also be greeted by aboriginal engravings and a beautiful façade of cliffs and canyons, stretching towards the horizon is an endless continuation of land, untouched for thousands of years. Such dawn of time vistas form an ineffable experience in this day trip. Take this trip to the wilderness when the city life of Sydney overpowers you.

The Beachside Sydney

Sydneysiders love the Pacific more than anyone else. A moderate climate and well-maintained beaches give Sydney a spot amongst the top global beach venues. There are many sun soaked places to chill out but some of them are worthy of special mention. The closest spot is Bondi Beach that is a great place for surf enthusiasts. It also has a rich collection of cafes serving a diverse variety of cuisines. You can also take a lovely trail to Coogee beach, which is another place of fun, and festivity. Palm Beach is a nice place for family picnics and long romantic coastal walks against the setting sun. Manly Beach has a nice European touch to it with a windy promenade and a bustling beachfront.