What Are Some Of Sydney’s Most Famous Attractions?

For any person who intends to go south, Sydney is a vibrant, lively and throbbing heart of Australia – More cosmopolitan, much busier and infinitely more hospitable and accessible than any other part of Australia. When you are vacationing here, you will find extremely cheap things to do. There are plenty of beaches accessible by public transport and tours, and certainly many hours to enjoy its vivacious nightlife. Sydney has it all.

Top tourist attractions in Sydney

When you travel to Sydney, you should not miss some of the best tourist sites that are famous all over the world. The fun in Sydney includes various outdoor activities such as wildlife safaris, getting tanned on the beaches and water sports activities. Sydney is famous for its history, rich culture, fashion, nature and endless golden coastlines.

Harbour Bridge

This is Sydney’s iconic symbol and is proudly recorded in the Guinness book of records as the widest (long-span) bridge in the world. It links its CBD to Sydney North Shore. You may climb the bridge and have a panoramic view of this attractive city.

Sydney Opera House

It is situated on Bennelong Point, Sydney Harbour and is among the most famous attractions of Sydney. This is the world’s busiest theatre. It hosts 1, 500 performances and events annually. It was honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2007.

Sydney Tower

This is the tallest tower in this city and the second tallest in the country. This tower is normally crowded by visiting tourists, where they do their shopping at the malls situated inside the tower, enjoy top class cuisine at its restaurants and marvel at the amazing sight of the city while taking in aromatic coffee at the cafes.

Queen Victoria Statue Sydney

The Koala Park Sanctuary

This is the home of many types of wildlife species, the main ones being koalas. It was established in 1920 and opened for the public in 1930. When you visit here, you are going to see Dingoes, Cockatoos, Kangaroos, Wombats, Emus, Fairy Penguins, Australia’s native birds and peacocks.

Blue Mountains

The natural gift of the greater Sydney area is the Blue Mountains – a range that includes a kaleidoscope of colour and contrasts that are rich in Aussie wildlife and bush, which is always followed by a blue-haze horizon.

A visit to the Blue Mountains will provide you with a real escape from the noise of bustling city life while giving an opportunity to enjoy a great combo of sizzling scenery, fauna and flora and freshness of the mountain breeze.

An excellent getaway spot for honeymooners and a tranquil escape from the heat of Sydney’s summers, there is a gamut of things to do in this area together with numerous small towns, each of which has several attractions.

Hotels in Sydney

After sightseeing and doing your shopping, you can retire to the numerous hotels that offer first class service. You can discover more than 250 top hotels in this city. You can enjoy staying in reputable hotels such as the Inter-Continental Sydney, Park Hyatt and the Sydney Harbor Marriot Hotel among others. They are part of a worldwide chain, guaranteeing you the highest quality service at all times.

Enjoy Sydney’s vibrant nightlife

Sydney nightclubs are legendary for their size, variety and quality music. If you’re visiting Sydney or making the move here, you absolutely must experience the party scene in this vibrant, beautiful and outrageously fun city. Among its top nightclubs is Ivy for Glit and Glamour, where those hoping to spot celebrities or indulge themselves in the finer things of life, visit. Then there is Retro for Old School, and the Beach Road Hotel for Music among others. You surely cannot miss the fun in this city.

A holiday in Sydney is certain to be filled with refreshing sunny days and great adventures. An electrifying city that is jam packed with high energy and consistent buzz, Sydney certainly has something to tantalize you regardless of whether you are an international traveller from abroad or an Aussie visiting from interstate. If there a city in Australia that you should visit this year, then Sydney should be on the top of your list.