A wine accessory can be described as any equipment which can be used to enhance the enjoyment, serving and storage of wine. For true wine enthusiasts, there are a number of different wine accessories which are necessary to aid in bringing the optimum levels of enjoyment, excitement and fulfilment out of the wines’ flavours. Any discerning wine lover should have a good arsenal of accessories that are geared towards enhancing the excitement and enjoyment which comes with every wine bottle. From enhancing the flavours, to maintaining the wine aromas, these wine accessories basically perform numerous functions which help connoisseurs enjoy their wine. That being said, let us take a look at some of the best wine accessories which will help enhance your wine drinking experience:

Wine Openers
A wine bottle opener is an essential accessory that’s required in order to open a wine bottle that’s stoppered with a cork. There are numerous different inceptions of wine bottle openers ranging from simple corkscrews, screw pull levers, to the complicated carbon dioxide driven wine openers. However, the most popular opener is the Walter’s corkscrew, which basically resembles a normal pocket knife; it has a small fold up knife for cutting the foil, a spiral cork screw, and a lever which is used to lift up the cork.

Wine Glasses
A wine glass is basically a type of glass stemware that’s used to drink/taste wine from. Choosing a particular type of wine glass is quite important, since the shape of the glass can actually influence the perception of how a wine tastes. Another factor to consider when choosing a wine glass is the quality of the material since it also has a decisive impact on exactly how one perceives the aroma and flavour of the wine.

-The diameter of a wine glass’ rim is generally responsible for directing wine to a particular area of interest. Thus, a glass which has a wide rim allows the wine to expand horizontally all across the tongue, hence reaching the regions which are most sensitive to acidity.
-Don’t fill the wine glass too full.
-Avoid glasses that are not clear.

Wine Decanters
A decanter is one of your best allies when it comes to filtering out any impurities, freeing up the aromas and softening the hard/bitter tannins. A decanter can be described as a glass serving vessel where an entire wine bottle is poured. The decanter is used to remove the sediments, aerate the wine and also facilitates pouring of the wine. A decanter also provides elegant presentation.

Decanters are rather important when it comers to serving older vintages. However, decanting isn’t just for old and rare wines. Almost any type of wine, whether white or red, will greatly benefit from decanting.

Wine Racks
Today, there’s a wide selection of wine racks available in the Australian market, ranging from conventional models, to the new innovative and fashionable racks. Apart from making it easy for you to display your selection of wines, there are some wine rack styles which can even be viewed as art items and can add decor to your house.

Polishing Cloth
Many wine glasses are dishwasher friendly but that does not mean the glasses should be run through your dishwasher. Unless you are operating a restaurant where the glassware is always polished immediately after use, you need to consider hand washing, and drying your wine glasses with a lint free polishing cloth. There are different kinds of polishing cloths which are not only ideal for drying your glasses, but will also make your kitchen look very elegant. If you treat yourself to some nice sets of wine glasses and an elegant decanter, you need to wash them carefully after use, and then dry them with a lint free polishing cloth so as to keep your wine accessories free of streaks, debris and water spots.

Wine Bucket
This is one of the most ideal wine accessories mainly because with a good wine bucket, you will not only keep your wine perfectly chilled, but it will also look stylish and classy. In addition, a wine bucket comes in handy during events and parties since you and your guests will not have to make frequent trips to and from the refrigerator for some more chilled wine.

When buying a wine bucket, choose one that can easily hold a standard 750ml wine bottle and has adequate room for ice/water.

Wine stoppers
A wine stopper is another essential wine accessory. It is used to close the leftover bottles of wine before refrigerating them. A wine stopper is used because it’s rather difficult to put the original wine cork back into the bottle neck. Most wine stoppers vary in size, shape, and type of material. The 3 basic types of wine stoppers include; the plastic wine stopper, the cork wine stopper and the rubber wine stopper.

Wine Tasting Notebook
One of the best ways of training your palate is by tasting lots of wines and retaining the information. You can do this by buying a wine tasting notebook where you can write down all of your wine experiences and discoveries. You can write about your various impressions while taking different types of wines such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, among others.

The right wine accessories will make your wine experience a lot more enjoyable and interesting. If you do not have the right wine accessories, you’re certainly missing out on some real serious wine enlightenment.