Whether it’s a cheese, meat, bread or beautifully prepared meal, the right wine pairing can enhance the flavour of any dish.

First I’ll start with a time honoured favourite which is a beautifully tasting white grape wine that just so happens to pair deliciously with another all time favourite, Asian Cuisine.

I never thought a wine so tasty as a Riesling would pair so well with Asian foods. It’s difficult to pair Asian foods with a soda, much less a wine but once they tickle your tongue, you will have a new favourite!

It seems to me that these two pair so well because both are very fragrant and delicious in their own ways. I absolutely love a glass of Riesling with my take-out!

Now that I have you all craving wine and egg rolls, we will move on to another great pair! Sauvignon Blanc, which for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of having, is a white wine. Its taste is much different from other wines because of its green colour and herbaceous flavours. I have found that this specific wine has a naturally strange but delicious mate, oysters!

Whether oysters really are an aphrodisiac or not, pairing Sauvignon Blanc with them will definitely send your body into a very yummy shock of delight. Oysters, usually served with saltine crackers and Sauvignon Blanc is one wine tasting that you will not be able to forget.

Now, if you do not like the fruity tasting wines you really should taste Pinot Noir, that pairs greatly with Nova salmon, commonly used in the making of some of the most popular sushi’s around the world. This pair is deliciously sweet and sour. Proof that all is not always as it seems.

Pinot Gris is another delicious white wine grape variety, most notable in places like France and Austria. Many people think of Pinot Gris as more of a vegetarian’s wine because of its delicious pairing with fresh crisp veggies. Just two more reasons to enjoy a wine tasting at home with that special someone.

As one of the more bitter sweet wines, Chardonnay is also a great source of potassium. Originating in France, Chardonnay has become extremely popular from England to New Zealand. While seriously avoiding tomato based foods while enjoying this buttery wine, steak is what I would pair with this lovely velvet.

Gewurztraminer originated in France and is a dry, semi-sweet and sometimes sweet wine. While this wine may go deliciously with just about anything, I think it pairs best with a good Red Fish Curry recipe. As I stated previously, this would be a good pairing for a date night or anniversary with your lover.

Merlot is a wine that is paired with just about anything because it sits right in the middle of the red wine spectrum. One could have a glass at lunch with a salad or at dinner with lobster. Originating in France, Merlot is most notable for its brands from the Napa Valley.

Shiraz is used in an enormous amount of recipes but usually pairs with red meats like bison. A delicious glass of Shiraz never goes wrong with a side of lamb either. The fattiness of the lamb along with anything of Australian decent, is nothing less than amazing.

Last but not least, we have Cabernet Sauvignon, which is of the red grape variety. This is a wine that pairs with the fatty meat of a rabbit. There are so many different wine pairings and so many different and gracious flavours just flow together like a good aged cheese. As any other fan of culinary arts, you can’t choose just one pair. They are all tasty and worth a try, not to mention all the gorgeous meats and cheeses that just melt in your mouth and burst with flavour! So, grab a glass and something great it pairs with and fall in love with your taste buds once again.